As an entrepreneur you rely on your customers. No one can argue that a case cannot run without sufficient clientele. The challenge lies in realizing a constant growth of your customer base. Regular prospecting is therefore essential for every company.

How many telephone prospecting interviews do your sales people have? And what percentage of that do you effectively deliver a personal appointment with a prospect?

It is not easy to pick up the phone and pitch your products or services for an as yet unknown, potential customer. That your employees regularly get the lid on it makes it easier. With the right conversation techniques, they turn these often difficult conversations into a positive experience, both for themselves and for the conversation partner. Moreover, with the right approach, these conversations will be a lot more efficient.

During a four-hour workshop , we will actively get started to make your telephone prospecting conversations more efficient. In a theoretical part we focus on the ‘script’ of a successful conversation and we look for ways to respond to objections from the conversation partner. Then, during the practical part, we approach some of your prospects using these new techniques.


  • workshop of 4 hours, aimed at individuals or B2B customers
  • maximum number of participants: 8 (ideally 6)
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